There's always time for a mini break!

Mini Break Coffee

What is Mini Break Coffee?

Change the way you think about instant coffee forever

Mini Break Coffee is a revolutionary new way to enjoy your cup of joe.  Traditional instant coffees are full of sugar, man made ingredients, and extra calories.  Pressed coffee is often inconvenient and not efficient.  Coffees purchased from your local baristas can get costly, and only works if you can find a location.

Introducing Mini Break Coffee, rich and aromatic coffee, convenient and cost effective.  Change the way you drink coffee forever.

There's always time for a Mini Break!

What makes a Mini Break Coffee?

Nothing but the best and top quality ingredients

Mini Break Coffee is made from 100% Blue Mountain coffee grounds from Columbia.

The rich and full flavor and aroma is un-mistakable, and rivals any top quality brew.  One taste and you will agree that Mini Break Coffee is the new way to enjoy coffee.  

Where is Mini Break Coffee available?

Anywhere good coffee is needed

Mini Break Coffee is quickly making its way to homes, offices, dorms, and stores near you.

Mini Break Coffee is always available for online ordering 24/7. 

Interested in selling Mini Break Coffee?

One for all and all for Coffee

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